Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's a LOVE-HATE Thing

We love the State of Ohio but we hate Ohio State,         M GO BLUE...............

We spent 11 days in Lancaster Ohio and it rained for 10 of them, We wanted to get down to the Hocking Hills area and do some hiking but the weather never gave us the change, so we just laid around and kicked the little bit of head colds we picked up in Louisville and then moved to Wapakoneta.

This is always our final resting place before we get into Michigan for the summer, I guess instead of saying final resting place I should say our final place to rest. We're at Lake Village Resort which is a Coast to Coast park, the part we like is it's a good location and it has a huge indoor pool with two hot tubs and a sauna. Since it's rained everyday this comes in handy.

We drove over to Marion to meet some friends for a long lunch, on the way there, taking the back roads, we came across this marker. This is one of the things we love about Ohio, it seems that just about every little town has some sort of history connected with it.

Just a little ways down the road we spotted a little cemetery which looked like it need to be explored, there were quite a few G.A.R. markers but then we spotted this set of lost stones. It seems like they lost their way one way or another and nobody could figure out where they belonged so they set them all in concert in a nice row.

Lost souls of  Henkle Cemetery

After lunch we took some more back roads and ended up in the City of Kenton, while driving past the St Mary's / Grove Cemeteries we spotted this maker on the side of the road.

It only took us about ten minutes to find the grave site.

There was another recipient of the MoH here but we couldn't find him.

Notice that the plaque is old enough that they still used the phrase Winner, since this isn't Charlie Sheen and WINNING,  they should change that to Recipient. 

This the first headstone that we can recall that was designed like this.

I'm going to assume that he was a Cannoneer.

Almost forgot, the other day when we were in Lima we stumbled across the original Kewpee's Hamburger Restaurant, right downtown.  This was the restaurant chain that Dave Thomas wanted to buy but when the owner refused to sell Dave started Wendy's.  Kewpee's is the home of the original Square Burger and they are gooooood.

You can't see it in the picture but cars are lined up down the street waiting to get to the drive thru window.

This is all the seating they have inside, step up to the counter order and pick up your meal then find a seat.  Notice the Kewpee doll in the corner of the restaurant.

Time for the HOT TUB!!!

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Margie and Roger said...

Looks like fun adventures in small towns - just never know what you'll see. You sure have had yucky weather. Hope it gets better soon.