Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Quad Cities Part-B

It seems like there are a million little parks throughout the Quad City area and most have some type of little garden in them. We spent a few hours each day driving around to the different ones and found that most have had it for the season and needed a lot of maintenance. It's a shame that they have let some of these go like they have. We did find a few that still had some blooms so here are a few pictures.

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After our first day of driving around we had plenty of daylight left so we headed over to the Naibi Zoo, it looked like they had just enlarged their parking area and they were doing construction on a big new building so it looks like they are enlarging the zoo also. I seems like all we do is go to zoo's, but we like them and each one seems to have something new that we haven't seen before, plus they're freebees when you're a member of the super secret Zoo Society, like we are.

The Niabi Zoo is a nice size zoo, about an hour and a half to two hours to walk through taking our time, the grounds were spotless and there were maybe a dozen other people in the zoo today, (Monday).

They had a really great Aviary house were half the birds were not in enclosed, they were all very loud and active. There is a big cat display near the enterance that had a beautiful Black Panther

Black Panther


Mt Goat and baby

.........Some type of little FOX

Pair of Eagles

.......Red Fox only 240 left, at one time there were only 17 in the world.

White Buffalo

.........Pretty Bird

Be sure to watch the video below, it stars ME!!!!!!

I call it Feeding time.

No Humans were harmed during the filming of this Video.

Another Day and were off to see the Palmer Chiropractic School in Davenport, I've been going to Chiropractors since the late 70's and swear by them, so I figured I better go see where it all started. There is a small self-guided museum in the hallways of the first and second floors of the office area of the school. There is a time line which follows the start of Chiropractic Medicine with D.D. Palmer, self taught, to the present day. They have adjustment tables starting with the very first used by DD Palmer up to the super fancy ones used today. It was very interesting and told how they had to fight to be accepted by the public, the states and courts. Many were arrested for practicing medicine without a license and then ended up Suing the AMA under the Anti-trust laws.

After this we hit a few more dried up gardens then Sam's Club to pick up a new GPS to replace the one that locked up on us last week. You just don't realize how much you depend on these things until they stop working. I bought the $9.95 replacement plan with this one so if it goes bad I can just replace it at any Sam's.

Wednesday, we've been saving today to go to the Black Hawk Museum, he was the big chief Indian around here and everything is named after him. Big disappointment, nothing in the museum about him and it took all of three minutes to see the 3 or 4 displays in a tiny little room. But it did give us time to return the new TOM-TOM to Sam's , what a piece of junk, we have one of the old TOM-TOM's , about 4 years old and thought that we were upgrading to this new one, turns out the old cheap one does at least twice as the new one did, it just has a smaller screen. So I guess we'll just have to use that until we get the Garmin repaired.

Just a note, so far this week I think that we have crossed the Mississippi River about 300 times.

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Margie and Roger said...

Loved the bird photos. Really enjoyed all the zoo photos. Sorry the GPS wasn't the right one for you. We've been happy with our Garmin..we would be "lost" without it, really.