Monday, May 31, 2010

A Bad Memorial Day

Our weekend started out pretty bad and didn't improve a whole lot.

Arthur (our grand kids protector) was a big giant Chocolate lab who was as gentle as could be, the average weight for a lab is between 55 and 85 lbs, Arthur weighted in at 127 lbs and he wasn't fat just very very big and loveable.

Friday they dropped him of at the pet saloon to get his nails clipped, play with all his buddies there and end the day with a nice bath and shampoo, his idea of the perfect day. During his bath he collapsed and despite CPR, Mouth to Mouth and twenty minutes in the vets ER it was to late. It appears that it was a blood clot in the lungs

Arthur was loved by a lot of people and will be missed for a long time. .


Laurie and Odel said...

Your blog has brought us so much useful, interesting and funny information, including some great laughs - and we thank you for that.

I'm so sorry today to read about Arthur. What a handsome dog!

It helps to know he died enjoying his "perfect day", but I know how painful a loss it is. I hope the joyful memories overtake your family's grief soon.

Safe travels,

Carol said...

So sorry to hear about your beloved Arthur, he will be waiting for you beyond the Rainbow Bridge.

Margie and Roger said...

So sorry to read about Arthur's passing. He sure was a good looking dog.