Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Glasses I don't need no stinkin glasses

Our grand daughter had her birthday party today, last week we found out that her parents were getting her an I-Touch so we got her and I-Tunes gift card so she could put a bunch of music on it. We had forgotten to get a card to put it in so I was assigned the mission of running down to the corner CVS and picking out a card, no problem. I go to the section that marked Grand Daughter's Birthday and start looking, I normally get them goofy type cards but I figured I better get one that Cathy would like. There's a pretty pink one with butterflies and flowers and when you open it up it's all about birthday hugs, how can I go wrong with that. Sign it with our birthday wishes and put the gift card inside and seal it up.

Party Day:
Everybody is gathered around the kitchen table and Rach is opening her gifts, she starts with the cards and the first one she opens she just rips it apart and shakes it to see whats in it (money or other good stuff), her mom tells here “NO NO NO, you have to read the cards out loud so everybody can hear you and knows what they say”(Thanks mom). About the third card she opens is the one from Cathy and me, she holds it up and in a nice strong vaudevillian voice reads “Dear God Daughter”, GOD DAUGHTER, Cathy and I both jumped up and looked over her shoulder at the card and sure enough now with my glasses on I can plainly see that it does say God Daughter and not GRAND Daughter. What can you do but hang your head and walk away from all the laughter at the table. Mean while Aunt Chris, who is the God Mother and never one to let an opportunity slide by, runs across the room gives Rach a big hug and sez,” I hope you like the I-tune gift card I got you”

My punishment for my sins was that I got the smallest piece of cake and no ice cream, Dam my eyes.

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Margie and Roger said...

Sorry, but you need some stinkin glasses