Monday, November 9, 2009

Racing the Weather............and Losing

Southern Louisiana ,We finally found some warm dry weather in southern Louisiana, we did a long drive for us when we left Little Rock and made it down to Vicksburg,MS. We didn't even bother to unhook the car, just laid back and watched some football, when we checked in at the Ameristar Casino RV Park they gave us two vouchers for a buffet breakfast at the casino right across the street. So the next morning we were up early to get across the street and stuff ourselves, we had to take the shuttle back to the RV Park, it was that or climb about 500 steps back up the hill.

We drove across Mississippi into Louisiana to the city of Roberts, which is half way between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. When we got into camp they were just finishing a Halloween Weekend, and the park was packed, every site was full (over 350 sites) so we had to park off on the side and watch some more football until the people started checking out. Finally around 4 o'clock we got into our site and got set up, the next morning when we went out we were the only ones in our area and there were only about 10 units in the entire park.

This close to Baton Rouge there is only one thing on our minds, Mike Anderson's Seafood Restaurant, this is our favorite restaurant of all time and anytime we are near here this is where we have lunch, and it was only an hour drive each way, but worth it, so much so that we made the trip again Thursday.

Now it's onto Biloxi, my big challenge there will be getting Cathy out of the casinos.

We're in Biloxi for four days, it's Saturday so we're going to relax and watch some college football, a beautiful sunny day with the temperature's pushing 80, we're suppose to get some rain Monday and Tuesday so we're planning on hitting the outlet malls and the casino's on those days, because tomorrow is Football Sunday.

Remember how we cut things short up north to get away from all the rain and bad weather, well things don't always work out the way you want, while checking the weather tonight to see when the rain is going to start tomorrow and we found out about IDA, Hurricane IDA that is.
Since we are camped about 2 miles from the coast we both had nightmares about Hugo last night, so it's up early and on the road running like the yellow cowards that we are. Where we're going we'll still get part of the storm but we'll be about 32 miles back from the shoreline.

We're the little yellow dot on the shoreline right above the eye of the hurricane.

Got into camp early and got everything set up before the rain started, we should be OK in this park, I parked the car right next to the tripod with the satellite dish to try and block any big winds that might come up, can't have the wind blowing it over tonight, it's Monday Night Football.

If you never hear from us again then I guess we didn't run far enough.


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