Monday, June 15, 2009

SE Michigan, city camping

The lack of a Blog entry for awhile can only mean one thing, we're back in SE Michigan for the summer messing around with the grand kids. We're camped about an hours drive north from the kids, this is one of the few parks that has a decent monthly rate and we're to far away for the emergency kid sitting phone call.
We've been running back and forth for the baseball games but they finally came to an end this week so we might get a few things done know.
This is a city campground that connects to the big city park which is also a wetland area, there are plenty of trails around the lake and to the other city parks (about 4 miles worth). The grand kids are getting a little big so we're bringing them up one at a time this summer and it is so much easier to handle in the confined space of a Class “C”.
There is a lot of wildlife in this area, thousands of geese, turtles and other type birds, they said that there is a Gray Fox in the area this year, that might explain the reduced rabbit population. On one walk last week we spotted about ten different turtles lying their eggs.
Here's a few pictures of the area.

Trail from the Campground.

Baby Geese in the park

Crossing the wetland.

They think we have food for them.

Part of the lake.

Bridge across the lagoon

Mr Black bird.

Mom lying the eggs

UPDATE: Today while sitting and looking out the window I saw the Gray Fox come right through the middle of the campground and into the woods, it was about 2:PM and I watched him for about 200 feet,


Laurie and Odel said...

This park looks great, too. Where is it?

PalmsRV said...

Sent you a private email on this and the other inquiry, hope it went through