Thursday, October 4, 2007

Birmingham-Southern Museum of Flight

Onward to Birmingham, found a nice quite little RV park almost right in the middle of Birmingham, on our way there we stopped at the Southern Museum of Flight. This is another one of those little museums that is run by volunteers and supported by admissions and donations which means it is a great museum, it’s amazing how much information and displays they can fit into these small places, we spent about 2 ½ hours here. The newest display is of a B-25 bomber which crashed in a lake in S. Carolina during a practice bombing run during WW II, it sat on the bottom of the lake until in the mid 1990’s. The long sit on the bottom of the lake made it so they can’t restore it to original so they are presenting it as it looked on the bottom of the lake, one good thing was that it was in 150 foot of water so divers were unable to strip anything off of it, so they have all the 500mm guns and such on display.

This reproduction plan was used in the movie the "Blue Max"

This is the Red Baron, they have a great deal of information on him.

Talk about getting up close, this was actually a small model about 12 inches long.

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